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Client — Société Générale

A unique and interactive creation for the inauguration of new offices

  • Commission
  • Data-art
  • Exhibition
  • Real-Time

Bright produced and created a new interactive experience for participants of the inauguration of Société Générale’s new offices.


An animated and interactive ribbon with modern aesthetics is projected on the semi-transparent screen

Before the speeches begin, hostesses invite guests to participate in the inauguration with a simple gesture on tablets

Each guest gesture breaks in real time a filament on the projection, displaying his name.

It is finally up to the master of ceremony to cut the last segment of the ribbon revealing a final animation on the screen.

“Chaque geste d’invité rompt en temps réel un filament sur la projection, affichant son nom.”


The inauguration of the Dunes is also different with the invitation by proposing a creative, unique and personalized cardboard based on the principle of Data-Art.

Each work is generated by a creative algorithm that uses the names and surnames of each guest to generate a unique representation, as part of a defined artistic direction.

Like all the other media of the evening, the invitation recalls the hashtag of the event: #LesDunes


  • Abdel Bounane Direction artistique
  • Florian Zumbrunn Design et collecte des données


interactive , offices, Société Générale, Dunes

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