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Client — Tetris

An interactive artwork made by your view on the future of real estate

  • Commission
  • Data-art
  • Generative
  • Real-Time

Bright created an interactive artwork that generates itself from the insights of the real estate world made by the visitors of the trade show SIMI


 For the SIMI 2017, one of the biggest real estate event in France, Bright was commissioned by Tetris to find a creative way to ask about the future of real estate.
With the creative technologist David Ronai, we developed an artwork that generated an infinity of creation linked to insights made by the participants.


Every time a visitor wanted to develop his idea of the future of real estate he would connect to a simple platform, write his comment and send it to the main screen located in the event.
While he is writing his comment an artwork related to his insight generates itself. Also, certain words had a special influence on the artwork. Word related to “innovation and future” would generate blocks that are larger and bigger. Words related to “well being” would influence the colors of the artwork, making them more flashy and warmer.


  • Abdel Bounane Direction artistique
  • David Ronai Artiste numérique
  • Alexis Girard Production créative


interactif , SIMI, Tetris

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