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Client — Allianz

A digital tree that evolves according to energy data

  • Commission
  • Data-art
  • Exhibition
  • Generative
  • Real-Time

The Allianz tree is an original and innovative data-art creation


The Allianz is the first digital creation that evolves according to the energy consumption data of a location.

The idea is to create the first digital creation that allows a better understanding of its energy consumption.

For that we have defined a creative direction easily understandable in its evolution. We naturally imagined our artwork as a landscape with a tree as main element.



This landscape evolves according to 4 data:

. The tree and the landscape season = daily energy consumption
. Biodiversity = Annual energy savings
. Flows surrounding the tree = Annual savings in euros
. The Sun = Annual energy saving goal

Throughout the year, building occupants will see their trees evolve differently.

To realize and develop this creation we collaborated with the creative technologist duo Guillaume and Franck Lecollinet from Little Workshop.

To raise awareness even more green tips are delivered daily in correspondence with the artwork.


  • Alexis Girard & Abdel Bounane Creative Direction
  • Little Workshop Creative Coding


Exhibition, Allianz, digital art, data art, energy art

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