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Client — Allianz

A digital tree that evolves according to energy data savings

  • Commission
  • Data-art
  • Exhibition
  • Generative
  • Real-Time

The Allianz Tree is  innovative data-art creation evolving according to energy consumption savings in 10 buildings


What if it’s possible to visualize the energy savings in a building. This is what we’ve produced for Allianz with the “Allianz Tree”, a data-creation that evolves daily according to the energy consumption data of a building.



This landscape evolves according to 4 data:

. The tree and the landscape season = daily energy savings
. Biodiversity =yearly energy savings
. Flows surrounding the tree =yearly savings in euros
. The Sun = yearly energy saving goal

Throughout the year, building occupants will see their trees evolve differently.

To raise awareness, green tips are delivered daily linked to the artwork.

This creation showcases invisible data to make people have a better understanding of their ecological impact, and change their behavior, day after day.


  • Alexis Girard & Abdel Bounane Creative Direction
  • Little Workshop Creative Coding


Exhibition, Allianz, digital art, data art, energy art

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