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Client — Constellation

A collaborative artwork generated from dreams around the world

  • Commission
  • Data-art
  • Generative

A digital platform to welcome dreams for around the world



In this collaborative artwork for the “Constellation” project, visitors from around the world can tell and share their life dream producing a unique generative form, linked to the semantic fields of the dream. Once shared on social networks, it evolves according to the number of shares. An original way to generate virality for a digital operation.


Constellation is based on a simple process; by connecting to the platform the user is asked to describe his dream in a maximum of 500 characters. This is where the creation comes into play. By typing on his keyboard the user generates a creation that adapts to the keywords, identified by the algorithm, in the description of the dream. In this way the user sees the influence of his dream, in real time, on the creation and allows to have a unique emanation for each dream.


This “dream generator” also produces a GIF version of the dream so that the user can share his wish with his community on the various social media and thus allow the “dreamers” he recruits to affiliate to his constellation.

But creation does not stop there. Indeed a more global and collaborative artwork will then embody and bring to life all these emanations of dreams. A colorful and interactive digital world that allows you to find and affiliate dreams into constellations.


  • Florian Zumbrunn Design & Data-Mining
  • Alexis Girard & Abdel Bounane Creative Direction


Web, Constellation, UN, webGL

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