A bot turning tweets into unique creatures

Realtime generated characters made from guests’ tweets

Bright produced the work of artist Brendan Dawes for Doris Le Bot. He created an artwork that constructs unique digital creatures from real-time tweets, built from various properties of users' Twitter profiles.

During the event in Paris on 27 January, 2015, people could tweet @dorislebot and watch their digital creatures appear on-screen and swim around with other creatures. The shape of each creature was generated from their unique user IDs using a Superformula algorithm. The amount favourites on their Twitter profiles nourished the creatures and thus dictated their size. Colours were mapped depending on how many years they had been on Twitter, and Power Users were given multi-coloured special stripes. Curious users – those whose number of people they were following was greater than their number of followers – had antennae in varying sizes and eyes also fluctuating in size, dictated by this ratio. Users with more than 5000 followers were also given special jagged tails to be able to distinguish themselves among the other creatures. Occasionally Bots would appear in the form of simple cubes to chase and hassle the Power Users.

After the event, a small selection of digital creatures was chosen to become physical objects that could actually be held throughout the 3D printing process.