Unique creatures from social activity

People’s activity, dynamism, curiosity… Generate millions of different creatures

France’s major electricity operator ERDF has commissioned Bright to unveil its new brand identity: ENEDIS.

We’ve crafted with the digital artist Romain Cazier a digital art experience for the occasion: from May 27th to 31st 2016, the public was invited to discover a unique portrait of their social presence in the form of a personalized avatar. The creatures were generated from a selection of targeted data produced by each participant's unique social media presence.

Users were invited to access www.datavatars.fr, where they could generate their personalized avatar by logging into either their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Each avatar represents the user’s behavior on the social platform, based on specific data vectors like rate of engagement and connection, rate of posting, etc.

Users could access their avatar as a stand alone creature, but also visualize it as part of a bigger whole: ERDF’s new brand identity ENEDIS. Leading up to the logo unveiling, all the avatars created gradually accumulated on www.datavatars.fr, culminating in the final reveal on May 31st. Each participant’s online persona will have contributed to the new logo.

This experience was designed and developed in collaboration with Romain Cazier, an interactive designer and graduate from the prestigious ECAL design school.