An ever-evolving artwork driven by innovation

For their annual event at Musée du Louvre in Paris, Accenture has commissioned Bright to create a generative, ‘living’ artwork powered by discussions around innovation

"Camera Futura" is a generative artwork driven by two types of real-time data: the mention of the word "innovation" on Twitter as well as 100 future makers’ tweets on the subjects of entrepreneurship, innovation or technology.

Each tweet by selected futurists, journalists, artists, bloggers and innovative players in the digital transformation influence the aesthetic of the artwork in real time : tweets from the innovators generate the painted pulse of the artwork, while hashtags linked to innovation generate subtle forms around the painting. The artwork is fueled by the social data emanating from innovation all around the world.

Created by Canadian artist Matt DesLauriers, this artwork not only celebrates innovation, but is the product of it as well: it’s a collaboration between a brand and a technology artist, pairing data and creation in a novel way. It is also a metaphor for Accenture’s own vision of innovation. Open and connected to the world, this artwork offers a dynamic, always evolving experience for customers.

Exhibited at Musée du Louvre, the artwork is composed of a screen triptych, which will continue to live through an exhibition in Accenture's headquarters as well as the company’s websites.