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Amaze your guests with carefully selected digital artworks and create your personalized collection with continuously evolving artworks.
On Bright platform, access the best of digital artworks using your computer or mobile.
Use our custom collections or create your own. Our unique technology connects the artworks to your space’s screens or video projectors.
Exhibition is ready! And if you don’t already have the appropriate displays, we can provide them. Now, your place is an art space.


Each month, discover and display ten new artworks, and impress your guests with ever-evolving exhibitions. Your place will never look the same.


"Fashions videos with a 90s feel" "Design & technology motion design" "Experimental videos from European galleries" Your space, your direction, your flux.


In 2016, interactive art will be as easily available as video art. Jump now.


Bright shares 50% of platform revenues with the artist community. By subscribing, you help these artists create even more amazing artworks.

High Level Selection

Bright’s artworks are selected by reputable curators.
With their expertise, you can’t go wrong.

Florence Parot

Florence is a French curator based in Paris and in Amsterdam, where she is a tutor at the Sandberg Institute. She is on sabbatical year from her curator position at the Centre Pompidou where she in charge of the video collection. She curated the exhibition “Vidéo Vintage” at Centre Pompidou, Paris and all the touring at ZKM, Karlsruhe; Beirut Art Center, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul. She is founder and programmer of “Vidéo et après”, a cycle of screenings devoted to artists from the Centre Pompidou collection.

Philippe Riss

Philippe is the cofounder XPO, a prospective studio studying the consequences of the digital on the contemporary art, the gallery supports programs for young artists. He co-founded HYPERSALON , a meeting point for contemporary art gatherings bringing together artists, curators, critics, technologists, collectors. Philippe Riss is also curator, advisor and artistic director regarding the digital and his consequences to the contemporary art.

Charlotte Léouzon

Charlotte a creative and trend consultant for agencies or production companies, and a curator for museums or art galleries. She has be co-curator of the exhibition « Matt Pyke and Friends at La Gaité Lyrique ». Her range of researches spans from scouting interesting artists, filmmakers to more broadly crafty talents around the world. Capitalizing on fifteen years in journalism, fashion, visual arts and film, she created her own agency VA VOOM in 2009.

Amazing Artists

Many incredible artists have already subscribed to the platform.
Their mediums range from video art, motion design and animation to digital art and data artworks.

They Trust Us

Bright has helped to exhibit digital art for JCDecaux, Pullman Hong Kong, LCL bank, Twitter, Centre Georges Pompidou, Hotels du Roy, Oceanis. We help you elevate your space to a new level. Every day.

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Bright provides turnkey solutions and screen installation and maintenance with subscription.


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