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Digital art provides new ways for brands to communicate. New aesthetics, innovative technology: Our studio brings to light the potential of digital creation to help brands connect, preserving artists’ visions and supporting them with solid R&D, sleek production, and funding for their ideas.
How can you showcase the Twitter activity surrounding Museum Week, gathering more than 2200 museums? Bright produced a realtime generative piece with artist Marcin Ignac allowing each museum to project its unique DNA into the real time flow of #MuseumWeek conversations.


Bright Studio stands at the junction of art, technology and communication. It was designed as a hub where digital artists, places, institutions, brands and agencies can gather and build the future of creation on common ground. Passionate about new forms of creation, the core team has considerable experience in digital and social strategy, creative industries and creative technology. The studio can handle a huge variety of projects, from ideation to production, and relies on a tied talent network to quickly put together the right teams.
How can you portray the conversational potential of Twitter’s bots? We produced an interactive work of art, from artist Brendan Dawes, displaying creatures morphing in real-time with visitors’ twitter activity.

by Future Deluxe

Emotion over speech

New forms of expression have led to boundless possibilities for experimentation, leading to richer and deeper experiences. It’s not just about saying things; it’s about triggering feelings through interactions. It’s about creating something real, memorable, powerful. Something different.
by Future Deluxe

Technology as a medium

We see technology as a means of conversation to move beyond the gadget trend. We can already create the impossible with the technology available today. Let’s focus now on the amazing stories we want to tell with it.

So far, so good

In just over a year we’ve had the chance to work with hybrid talents and brands such as Twitter, LVMH, Adidas, Orange, JCDecaux, and iconic cultural institutions like the Centre Pompidou, Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine, etc. and many more to be unveiled!